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Why Xamarin?


Complete binding for the underlying SDKs

Xamarin contains bindings for nearly the entire underlying platform SDKs in both iOS and Android. Additionally, these bindings are strongly typed, which means that they’re easy to navigate and use, and provide robust compile-time type checking and during development. Strongly-typed bindings lead to fewer runtime errors and higher-quality applications.


Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ Interop

Xamarin provides facilities for directly invoking Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ libraries, giving you the power to use a wide array of third-party code. This functionality lets you use existing iOS and Android libraries written in Objective-C, Java, or C/C++. Additionally, Xamarin offers binding projects that allow you to bind native Objective-C and Java libraries using a declarative syntax.


Modern language constructs

Xamarin applications are written in C#, a modern language that includes significant improvements over Objective-C and Java such as dynamic language features, functional constructs such as lambdas, LINQ, parallel programming, generics, and more.


Robust Base Class Library (BCL)

Xamarin applications use the .NET BCL, a large collection of classes that have comprehensive and streamlined features such as powerful XML, Database, Serialization, IO, String, and Networking support, and more. Existing C# code can be compiled for use in an app, which provides access to thousands of libraries that add functionality beyond the BCL.


Modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Xamarin uses Visual Studio, a modern IDE that includes features such as code auto-completion, a sophisticated project and solution management system, a comprehensive project template library, integrated source control, and more.


Mobile cross-platform support

Xamarin offers sophisticated cross-platform support for the three major platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows. Applications can be written to share up to 90% of their code, and Xamarin. Essentials offer a unified API to access common resources across all three platforms. Shared code can significantly reduce both development costs and time to market for mobile developers.

Performace Optimization

Xamarin is a better choice when compared to hybrid apps because they just show the app within a frame on whichever device you are running it on and connect to the platform-specific APIs to make it work. This makes it slower and less elegant.

One of the first questions that developers ask their employers would be whether they would be requiring a native app or a cross-platform one. If the company wants to develop an app quickly for multiple platforms, and deliver a native-like feel, then Xamarin would be a good choice. Hiring highly professionals would ease the process for you.

Some Drawbacks of Xamarin

Inevitable software overheads

Even though Xamarin mobile application development saves time by creating a single app for all platforms, it also involves, on the other hand, code linkage and referencing between target OS environments of different devices in use and .Net frameworks. This implies that such efforts can add to the time taken for initiation and downloads of the app.

Time-consuming nature of UI Development

Again, time gets crucial when it comes to UI development on the Xamarin platform. Although Xamarin facilitates reusing maximum code across target device platforms, it is hard to create a portable version of core UI. This is why Xamarin app development experts are compelled to perform some portion of coding for independent platforms, which demands time.

Issues of App file size

While being beneficial in many ways, Xamarin is also slightly accused of swallowing more time for the additional job of adjusting app file size. This is mainly because the generous use of Xamarin’s core libraries and functionality burdens the app stores with unjustifiable app file size. The size margin in the store may range from 3MB to 15MB.

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