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Useful Tools For UI/UX Designers

UI design tools give designers what they need to design accurate hi-fi wireframes, mockups, and prototypes and render minimally viable products. They represent the nuts and bolts of a design, communicating its functionality.



Being able to make universal changes — whether it's through their library of symbols, layer styles, or text styles, or its smooth resizing and alignment features.



Figma lets designers build dynamic prototypes and mockups, test them for usability, and sync up all of the progress.

Adobe XD


Adobe XD offers vector-based user interface tools for creating prototypes and mockups with an interface that’s familiar to anyone who has used other Adobe products.



InVision Studio has bucketload of features to help you create beautiful interactive interfaces, including tools for rapid prototyping, responsive and collaborative design, and working with design systems.



The standout feature of Protopie is the ability to control the sensors of smart devices in your prototype, such as tilt, sound, compass and 3D Touch sensors.



Marvel's design platform makes things easy. With the ability to create both low fidelity and hi-fi wireframes, interactive prototypes, and do user testing.


Creativity ⩓ problem-solving
Typography, color theory, etc.
Wireframing ⩓ prototyping
Knowledge of responsive design
Animation ⩓ interactivity
Knowledge of dynamic design


Competitor analysis
Product structure ⩓ strategy
Content development
Prototyping ⩓ wireframing
Testing ⩓ iteration
Coordination with UI designers
Coordination with developers
Analysis ⩓ iteration

Why Us?

Macrosoft Labs has a dedicated expert ui-ux designers to deliver the most out of software.

Makes sense to the user!

Human-first way of designing products.

We thinks about how the experience makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. We also observe and conduct task analyses to see how users actually complete tasks in a user flow.

The ultimate purpose of UX design is to create easy, efficient, relevant, and all-round pleasant experiences for the user.

Cost-efficient Design!

Cost efficiency is simply “saving money by improving a process or product.”

Cost efficiency is the act of saving money by changing a product or process to work in a better way. This is done to improve the organization’s bottom line by decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies across the board.

While cost efficiency isn’t the end-all-be-all of business, it is a very important piece of business strategy. The ability to decrease costs and increase the bottom line by making processes more efficient is key to the value that procurement offers organizations.

User-Friendly UI

Ultimately, user-friendly software is intuitive, visually engaging, and highly customizable.

It automates tedious routine tasks and enables easy access to business information that supports informed decision making. At Macrosoft Labs, achieving true user-friendliness is an underlying goal of all our software development initiatives.